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Clients need:

Our client requested new menus to increase trade, they wanted a review of their recent Environmental Health report as a complete Safer Food Better Business system needed to be implemented.

Disaster In The Kitchen

On site the Environmental Health report showed several areas for improvement, however, a cause for concern was a freezer running out of bounds of allowable temperatures. This led to further investigation that all their freezers and fridges were over stocked. This had led to several issues, including poor running machines, more maintenance needed, orders and stock control at poor levels resulting in higher costs.


The client was advised after finding over 12 different menus, that any further new menus were not needed. The reduction of stock held and streamlining menus offer would increase operational efficiency. The Head chef was the main focus and training completed with one to one sessions with them so they could operate a kitchen in a safe, legal and compliant manner.

Corrective Recommendations:

Reduce menus and use up current stock. Either use stock up in specials or for up-coming events that had the flexibility to accommodate the usage.

A Safer food better business system installed and implemented in with the Head Chef leading to KPI’s being set for the Head chef, focussing on using the SFBB system that could be monitored by the GM.